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About Page Insert

Queens and Kings

My first foray into trying to channel my heart onto a page was this book.  Its a tricky read, but it had to be to capture what I was hearing, saying, and writing.  It is a guide to royal intimacy, where romance, honor, and balance bloom.  Or rebloom.  Or rebloom.

A princess and prince find their lives intertwined, and embark together their path to joy. Who they are now is a mystery, with time having passed.  So they breathe close, sing out with their dream and then promise with a kiss that both will effort those dreams to blossom.

Compass Readings

I do readings with a zen deck, peeling back the layers in the present. It never really took flight. I had difficulty explaining the purpose of doing readings with me. System troubleshooting? Digivice upgrades? Shootin' the shit with someone that loves you? Shootin' at the shit, maybe? Wings with Rocket Sauce?

My ascetic and skill were (and are) still forming. How to help, how to help... If you're interested in hearing my take on your story, based on what the mirrors are reflecting, reach out on social.


Archetypal Images

Eric Wilmoth is a crazy comic genius, and the wyrdest man I know. Which is actually saying quite a bit. He's got the grit it takes to sand some of the trickiest crud off the lens, with a heart of sunshine to boot. This image is my take on of one of his characters.

Are you looking to supercharge your inner hero's resolve to stand up for what you believe in? Art you ready to follow your inner muse? Are you ready for some Rock n Roll infused cosmosis? Are you a screwed up frank-einstein hobbling your character forward through time and space? Check out The Super Mad Mxyz. You won't be disappointed.

His graphic art is also off the chain. Or is that breaking chains?